Bathroom Remodeling That Had Gone Way Too Far

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At this edge you know if you can see it it curves in you need to make a cut and open that to the outside to make it flush with the outside surface of the metal stud otherwise the start will not fit now to make everything level I put a clamps and then I’m gonna put a screws through metal starts into the wooden studs to ensure that everything this level and it does moldering.

my fastening process and this is how the new she looks like after pouring color support to protect my niche from leaking in the water hopefully there’s going to be no leaking to the other side where my office is I decided to put just the tar paper which will make it.

waterproof and I couldn’t put anything else because there’s water right behind it so there is no space to put anything else and I’m just going to cook it put a silicone around it and previously I put little patches underneath the underneath the legs of my table which is right here and then I pour them a little black foil to prevent the cement from sticking to the the bottom of the top.

I’m going to be putting that in place so and now I have just finished putting the cement underneath the top to support at the bottom that’s how it looks I put a little foil cement right here what’s there to jump on it a little bit to make it flush but everything is good now I’m going to install the drain so for that all you have to do is put a plumber’s putty on the bottom side of it.

just curl it down and that’s going to be end of this process I’m just gonna tie it down now later we’re gonna check if the no leaks canes it’s been about hours since I poured the cement underneath the table everything looks solid so I’m moving to the next step it’s pretty good and hard okay the next step that I’m going to do is I’m going to put a protection on the side of the tub and for that I’m going to use this l-shaped piece of aluminum that I’m recycling from my previous bathtub my.

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Secrets You Will Never Know About Window Tinting

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Very easy anyway I’m going again my prepping so the first thing I want to do is just to just do a visual here on the glass because I want to make sure these edges are clean the bottom is cleaning the top edge.

Especially one of the Window Tinting first things I’m going to do is I want to roll down the window and I want to begin to just wet the glass with my slip solution just going to feel for any hardened stickers or anything which I don’t feel now and I’m going to begin to initially scrape the glass with my new blade oh I didn’t mention this but I’ve also got a microfiber I keep washing them.

Understanding The Background Of Window Tinting

I try to I’ve been using these on recently for about a year I guess where they’ve worked out better for me and they weren’t better than paper towels anyway I want to begin my scraping process I usually scrape across the top thoroughly and then I’ll work my way down.

I’m also listening sometimes I can hear if the blade hits anything that’s a scratch or a little piece of sticker you never know hard and particle you know I’ll pay special attention to it to make sure we get rid of it all so kind of going to the cracks here a little deeper than I’m then we would just to make sure I get everything now at this point I want to wipe off this top edge.

Thoroughly I’m even going to go to the other side here and I’m actually going to wipe the outside just because I know there’s dirt that accumulates at the top that will find its way back into your installation if you’re not careful.


Exciting Parts Of Attending Super Tinters

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You couldn’t get the film all the way to the top.You had to leave a little space because when you went pinto the window sill, it would pull the film downs you went in there.So they actually left a little space.So when you rolled your window down, there was a gap flight, which is kind of annoying.Now and this particular film is Sun tech.They make this three part film that’s much stronger.So what he’s going to do is put it up to the very, very top of the glass, and he’s going to take a razor blade and razor blade that top area so that there’s no gap, no space, or no light coming through.

So he’ll run his finger all the way across the glass.Now you have a perfect fit.The next thing you’ve got to think about is, hey, how do Move that glass down without causing any issues in terms imploring it, and sort of ruining it, if you will.So he nicely puts the window up.I know we were talking about that, like, hey, how do you do that without causing any issues?

And then he’ll put these tiny little cut marks, these little creases in, and then take it over to the big board and straight razor blade it so that he now has two perfectly cut out windows.And he’ll just reverse them for each side, which I though twas pretty cool.Before you can work on the doors, he actually has to haves bit of a mechanic background as well, where he has to take every door panel apart.And again, years ago, tints wouldn’t go all the way to the top.But it wouldn’t also go all the way down either.And it would cause issues when you would roll your window upland roll your window down.It would actually peel off.

It just wasn’t good.So what he’s sort of perfected, and what he’s done for me over the years when I owned my detail shop, is he’d have to take off those panels so that the tint would go in smoothly and not have any fibers or anything in there-stuck behind it.And of course, you’re going to have to re clean the glass to the nth degree.And if you remember, right now he’s using a razor blade.And we talked about that in our window cleaning.So he certainly has given me some wonderful advice over the years as to how to clean.

The Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Remodeling In New Jersey

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After seen at the trade shows we invited them to come to one of our remodels and they said yes they trained us on how to install we Dsystem talk about their panels because I really love Best Bathroom Remodeling NJ

It consists of an extruded polystyrene core and it’s covered with this fiberglass mesh and a polymer modified cement resin coating makes it super strong but it’s extremely lightweight.

The building panel has a blue core closed cell polystyrene foam that is extruded under enormous pressure and it creates this dense tiny closed cells that are very tightly packed and as a result, water does not penetrate and it’s a great insulator’s good for floors.

It’s good for walls so both sides of the panel have that outer coating of that modified poly modified cement and like I said it gives the panel enormous strength without the weight the wide product is waterproof and will not decay and the best part.

Guys easy to install and cut with a utility knife and unlike cement board or green board or anything like that you don’t need you know you can just pick it up and carry several sheets and you don’t need that stuff behind it either.

So Bathroom Remodeling immediately noticed the speed of using these panels transporting them cutting them and installing them way faster than traditional methods and it saves money when compared to all the different tasks installed with waterproofing a shower the traditional way fastening.

The wide panels are super easy they’re they’re half-inch they can go down as small as a half-inch thick and they can be spaced you know on Center walls special washers and screws are used for the fasteners.


Modernize Your Bathroom With A Professional Remodel

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Window walk-in shower and walk-in shower off a five feet by three feet custom back wall here this is marble Lansing with marble pencil with a three foot by a -inch nish also praying down the perimeter here with four x cm as a floor so a lot of work lanta dad came out very good cut our weights in it to hear Best Bathroom Remodeling.

I mean excuse me got our village handset to hear light on sides even put a shelf up here for a speaker for the client that’s what they want to get into the exhaust pipe they want it well sugar or cone wire will come through the wool we put a hole up there you can’t see you have to pretty much be a high leaving the compost is seeing it.

We got you know shower valves over here though is coming up hangs over here the birds to go to that nice flat tile installation limits using a screaming set of materials premium growth that’s what you get when you order to us we use a little tree with you keep our quality very high we officially got things done.

We do renovation where you always run this song when ran when you start this renovation this whole wall completely gone rotted out the whole self over gone guess well we rip them up the two later subfloors reframe this whole wall for the niche everything you know.

I’m company for going to do everything right the first time when you hired us misspending money once Bathroom Remodel and Renovation is done right so here’s my nineties how every my sign-of hope to see the next Friday one more thing to a decline want these very nice switches here all dimmable this is actually.

Choose Bathroom Remodeling

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I put on three cos a spackle sanding between coats with grit and eventually that seam and that edge just sort of faded away especially once I got paint on it and like Remodeling A Bathroom.

I mentioned earlier the whole goal was to do this all on the cheap which is why I’m using the same paint that I had left over from painting the walls in the new shop not only is it leftover paint but it’s paint that I bought from my local Habitat for humanity resale center for about  or bucks [Music] so at this point the paint’s all dry and I need to start cutting my counter top.

I got this one for a really great deal at IKEA  bucks know it’s upside down but just in case you don’t believe you remember that kitchen cabinet upgrade I made a long time ago with my buddy Caleb well when we’re at IKEA getting the countertops for his kitchen.

they had these on the discontinued aisle for bucks a piece for that price I picked up five of them I didn’t really have a need for him at the time but I figured for that price I couldn’t pass up on him and just like in that old countertop video.

I used some really simple metal L brackets to attach it to the cabinet that way if it ever needs remove it’s really quick and easy and won’t damage the cabinets instead of doing a tile backsplash or anything like that I am doing a wood paneled wall made out of by sixes soI’m just here putting them all.

To length and then stacking and taping them up nowI’m going to have a really big mirror in front of this counter Home improvement so I don’t want to waste a ton of by sixes since we’re trying to do this remodel really really cheap.

How to Hire A Bathroom Contractor

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What to look for in your ideal bathroom contractor

While replacing a faucet or installing a shower door are simple improvements that you can do alone, serious bathroom remodeling requires a higher level of expertise that should only be left to contractors. Because difficult processes are involved, you will save yourself a lot by hiring an expert. A professional contractor has the necessary skills and training to fix your bathroom. Here is how to hire a bathroom contractor in Princeton, New Jersey, and the neighboring cities.

Ask for referrals

A word of mouth and referrals are still some of the best ways to get a reputable contractor. When renovations are done well customers are always happy and willing to share their experiences. So, if your friend, family members, or neighbors are satisfied with the recent job done ask them for the contractors’ details so that you can get the quotes.

Look for credentials

With the recommendations that you’ve gotten, it’s important to carry out some research. If you live in Princeton, New Jersey you will find it easy. Find out if he has all the licenses from the local or state municipalities as well as other professional bodies. Search for contractors who have passed rigorous tests and coursework to enable them to earn a certification. However, you should know that not all the certifications are the same. But be assured the bathroom remodeling contractor in West Windsor or in Lawrence, New Jersey – will have the same rules apply to them.

Search through the internet

You can also use the internet to search for some highly rated bathroom contractors and choose one with a good reputation and good experience. Hiring a new company without any field experience can be risky especially if he cannot give your contacts of his past clients.

Interview the candidates

Once you have done this, you need to narrow down on your list and start interviewing the candidates. With too many quotes on your plate interviewing the contenders can be a bit confusing. However, you need to be keen on how a contractor answers your questions. Pay more attention to someone who listens.

Check the references

After establishing a rapport, ask him about some of the projects he has undertaken before. If they are what you are looking for, call his former customers to confirm. Ask how he handled the projects and whether it was on a budget or on time and whether the clients were satisfied. Once you are done, look at his documents and then put everything in writing and sign. The agreement should include

· Payment schedule and bid price.

· A site plan.

· A change order clause.

· A sequential schedule.

· A procedural list.

· Dispute resolution clause.

That is the process of hiring a bathroom contractor. Above all, ensure that the contractor insured, licensed, and offers you a guarantee for their work.

Top 5 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Here are the 5 best bathroom tile ideas you were looking for

While designing small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task to undertake, these spaces may create a functional and clever design challenge that may be just what your bathroom need. Whether you are using tiles or paint, every design element in the bathroom should not only be functional but also have a purpose. This is why one of the best bets for small bathrooms is the tiles.

When laid well, tiles can provide a waterproof element against any amount of water in the bathroom. However, when it comes to small bathrooms, the rules usually change. Here are the top 5 tile design ideas for small bathrooms

1. Use diagonal tiles

The good thing about diagonal tiles is that they play tricks making you think that your space is larger. While you can count square tiles, your eyes cannot easily pick up and count diagonal tiles. Diagonal tiles also have a chaotic design that usually lends vibrancy and spark to small spaces.

2. Mosaic design idea

According to experts, mosaic tile design ideas can make the bathroom look lighter and airier especially if it’s small. Moreover, it can bring more character and funk to the room that other design ideas cannot bring.

3. Lighter color tiles

Using lighter colors will also promote a feeling of having bigger space. If you want to cover up small space, it’s advisable to use lighter colors to open it up. This is the reason why the ceilings are usually painted in lighter colors. However, this does not mean that you should only use white tiles but you should generally go for light shades.

4. User larger sized tiles

While this may seem counter- intuitive, larger tiles are some of the best tiles to use in your small bathroom. While smaller tiles produce many grout lines, larger tiles have fewer grout lines. However, when dealing with large grout tiles you need to have a minimum grout joint of 3/16 inches in width. You should also have a least a 90% mortar contact since their large size makes them weak and prone to cracking.

5. Combined glass and ceramic

This is also the perfect choice especially if you have glass tiles that have unique shades of colors. For instance, with plain white ceramic tiles, you can get shiny red glass tiles. This will make a huge difference when it comes to the design of the room.

Wrapping up

Well, these are some of the bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms. Remember, if you want to create the design that you need you must be prepared to spend a little bit more on remodeling. Above all, ensure that your bathroom, however small, is a space that is really worthwhile to relax in.

How to plan bathroom remodeling

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Definitive Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

A good bathroom decoration will not only liven it up but also give it a relaxing feeling whenever you enter it. Once you have decided to remodel your bathroom, the next task is to plan. If you plan well, the results will be perfect. Here are some tips on how to plan your bathroom remodeling.

First of all: The Brain work

Determine your budget

Whether you reside in Princeton, New Jersey or Lawrence, maybe in West Windsor, a bathroom renovation can be a big milestone in the life of your property. Determine what are you are willing or able to spend on the remodeling and then write it down. It is advisable to follow your budget as there are many options available that it’s tempting to get carried away when the renovation is in progress.

Get inspired

Look for images of all the bathroom features and designs that you like. Collect pictures for your favorite vanity, fixtures, flooring, colors and lighting. After collecting many pictures, you will usually begin to see a certain trend emerge. Remove all the pictures that neither match this trend nor your needs. This step will give you a head start on how your new bathroom will look and feel. It will also help you learn all of the great fixture and design options out there.

Plot out

Mark your bathroom space on a graph paper and then cut out a vanity, tub, toilet etc. Move the cut-outs around until you have the desired layout. There are many bathroom layouts available online.

Time to take Action

Start talking to a contractor

Now you have a good idea of the project scope which makes it easier for the contractor to give you a quotation. Show them your renovation plan and design ideas so that in case there is something wrong they can let you know and you can deal with it before the remodeling begins.

Buy fixtures

Once you have identified your contractor and set a date for the renovation to begin, start buying fixtures and finishes. Most items will take between 1 to 3 weeks to arrive. Have all the necessary items readily available so that you don’t hold up the project once you start and reduce the time your home is turned into a construction site. Most contractors often source the materials themselves so discuss with them what you are required to buy.


If this is the only bathroom in your home, you need to have a plan for coping with the inconveniences. You may use your neighbor’s facilities or rent a port-a-potty. There are hidden problems that come up when remodeling and you may go without a bathroom for a couple of days longer than expected. You have laid the groundwork and prepared everything for a smooth bathroom remodeling.

Now it is time to renovate…