Top 5 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

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Here are the 5 best bathroom tile ideas you were looking for

While designing small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task to undertake, these spaces may create a functional and clever design challenge that may be just what your bathroom need. Whether you are using tiles or paint, every design element in the bathroom should not only be functional but also have a purpose. This is why one of the best bets for small bathrooms is the tiles.

When laid well, tiles can provide a waterproof element against any amount of water in the bathroom. However, when it comes to small bathrooms, the rules usually change. Here are the top 5 tile design ideas for small bathrooms

1. Use diagonal tiles

The good thing about diagonal tiles is that they play tricks making you think that your space is larger. While you can count square tiles, your eyes cannot easily pick up and count diagonal tiles. Diagonal tiles also have a chaotic design that usually lends vibrancy and spark to small spaces.

2. Mosaic design idea

According to experts, mosaic tile design ideas can make the bathroom look lighter and airier especially if it’s small. Moreover, it can bring more character and funk to the room that other design ideas cannot bring.

3. Lighter color tiles

Using lighter colors will also promote a feeling of having bigger space. If you want to cover up small space, it’s advisable to use lighter colors to open it up. This is the reason why the ceilings are usually painted in lighter colors. However, this does not mean that you should only use white tiles but you should generally go for light shades.

4. User larger sized tiles

While this may seem counter- intuitive, larger tiles are some of the best tiles to use in your small bathroom. While smaller tiles produce many grout lines, larger tiles have fewer grout lines. However, when dealing with large grout tiles you need to have a minimum grout joint of 3/16 inches in width. You should also have a least a 90% mortar contact since their large size makes them weak and prone to cracking.

5. Combined glass and ceramic

This is also the perfect choice especially if you have glass tiles that have unique shades of colors. For instance, with plain white ceramic tiles, you can get shiny red glass tiles. This will make a huge difference when it comes to the design of the room.

Wrapping up

Well, these are some of the bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms. Remember, if you want to create the design that you need you must be prepared to spend a little bit more on remodeling. Above all, ensure that your bathroom, however small, is a space that is really worthwhile to relax in.