Clarke Clarke CXR100 10HP 270 Litre Industrial Screw Compressor


Clarke Clarke CXR100 10HP 270 Litre Industrial Screw Compressor


Built to combine total reliability with high performance and minimum energy consumption, this superb range of screw compressors offers state of the art technology at exceptionally keen pricing.

Features: Easy Installation • Will fit easily through a 900mm doorway.

• Compact design saves on space required.

• Construction allows positioning with a pallet truck • Simply connect to air system and electrical supply (all units are fully tested before dispatch) • No need for floor fixing due to vibration free operation Comprehensive Digital Control Panel Constantly monitors: • Air Pressure • Oil temperature • Motor temperature • Condition of all filters • Hours run • Indicates when maintenance is due • Indicates excessive temperature prior to shut-down • Controls on demand mode of operation, continuous or automatic.

Easy Maintenance • Removable side panels for full access • Simple screw-on oil cartridge and oil separator filters Low Noise Level: Operates at 67 Db (A) removing the need for a separate enclosure, which maximises flexibility for choice of location.

Superb Build Quality: Construction and performance satisfy relevant European standards Technical Features: 1. Large oil separator tank ensures minimal oil carry over (typically as low as 3mg/m3) 2. Minimum pressure valve ensures correct oil pressure & lubrication 3. Thermostatic valve controls oil temperature and prevents condensation developing inside the oil separator tank 4. Suction valve adjusts compressor output 5. Over sized suction filter ensures maximum air intake filtration, thereby reducing maintenance and extending oil and compressor life

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